• "I've been to other places in the past, and they are nothing like here( Logan Elm ). We have a friendly staff, it's always clean and this is some of the best food around. They take real good care of me, I would not live any place else."

    Herb V.

  • "I would refer Logan Elm to anyone, the food is great, the staff is wonderful, the place is beautiful and I received excellent care while I had my therapy."

    Margaret E.

  • "When I first came here for therapy, I arrived thinking I wanted to hurry & get done and get back home. These people have been so good to me, and the social worker has helped me get so many things that I needed, like glasses, dental appointments and even personal stuff, that I have made this my home. I still go visit family & friends and they come here, but I love this place."

    Sue C.

  • "Before my mom came here, the other place wanted to kick her out because they told us she wasn't appropriate for the nursing home setting, you guys took her in, got her the professional help she needed by getting her medications regulated and not only does she love it here, but our family does too because you take such good care of our mother."

    Debbie M.

  • "Logan Elm has the best food I've ever eaten, when I first came here I could not even walk alone, now I am not far from going back home because of the wonderful therapy I received, I will return to Logan Elm if I ever need any health .care needs and would advise anyone that needed 24 hour care to do the same."

    Charles H.

  • We think it's great that pets can come visit anytime because we missed our pets at first. Since we've been here, we enjoy weekly visits with Shep the golden retriever, every day we can visit with Mystic the facility cat. Not to mention the fact that the zoo brings in animals and we've been on outings with the activity department on the facility bus to go to the Columbus Zoo and to a horse farm where we could pet the horses and we enjoyed a cookout."

    A Mother & Daughter

  • "Mom didn't use to be very social, but since she came here she can't get enough of the activities, she goes on all the outings and gets involved in everything as there's so much to do!"

    Virginia M.

  • "I tell all my friends and family that if they need nursing care to come to Logan Elm. The nurses are great and tend to my every need."

    Mary C.